Projects in Progress

Economic Development Strategy and Implementation Program
Notice of Availability and Intent to Adopt a Negative Declaration for the City of Cotati, California Economic Development Strategy and Implementation Program

Draft Economic Development Zoning Code Revisions
General Cotati Municipal Code Zoning Categories Defined.pdf
Toolbox A - Procedures Modifications.pdf
Toolbox B - Allowed Land Uses Modifications-PC Input.pdf
Toolbox C - Design Review Modifications.pdf
Toolbox D - Mixed Use Modifications.pdf
Toolbox E - Alcoholic Beverage Sale Modifications.pdf
Toolbox F - Zoning Code Definition Modifications.pdf
Toolbox G - Informational Grant Opportunities.pdf
Toolbox H - Informational Biological Resource & Habitat Protection Opportunities.pdf

La Plaza View Mixed Use Project
La Plaza View is a proposed mixed-use development project that would be located on the vacant parcels located between Charles Street and East Cotati Avenue. The project consists of two two-story buildings with approximately 15,160 square feet of lower-floor commercial space with 12 residential units above, and includes on-site and on-street parking, landscaping, and ancillary improvements. 

Building I - Architectural Plans.pdfLa Plaza View
Building I - Civil Plans.pdf
Building I - Color Board.pdf
Building I - Landscape Plan.pdf
Building II - Architectural Plans.pdf
Building II - Civil Plans.pdf
Building II - Color Board.pdf
Building II - Landscape Plan.pdf
La Plaza View Environmental Review-CEQA Analysis.pdf
La Plaza View Biological Impact Study.pdf
Traffic Impact Study.pdf

Jamie Lane (Ryan Lane) Project
Jamie Lane (Ryan Lane) Project Description
Architectural Plans
Engineering/Subdivision Plan

South Sonoma Business Park (Cotati Commons: Lowes)

The proposed Cotati Village project is a portion of the larger Cotati Commons project (also previously known as the South Sonoma Business Park (SSBP)project). It was originally envisioned in 2001 and proposed to develop six parcels totaling approximately 35 acres with 650,000 square feet of office, retail and corporate facilities in western Cotati. The City prepared an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) to analyze the potential environmental impacts of the proposed development and an alternative project analyzed in this EIR “The Orchard Plan Alternative” which included 582,000 square feet of mixed office and retail uses and 50 residential units, was formally adopted by the City in May of 2001. Mitigation for wetland and California Tiger Salamander impacts was conducted and the entire project site was mass-graded shortly after adoption.

This original vision for the SSBP never came to fruition and over the next several years, individual properties within the original project boundary came forward to develop (Lowes & The Cotati Cottages), updating the environmental analysis as needed to address the potential CEQA impacts of these individual proposals not originally analyzed and addressed in the SSBP Orchard Plan Alternative EIR. Undeveloped portions of the original SSBP were entitled but have yet to construct the approved projects (Cotati Village for example), while other parcels originally included within the SSBP project have not yet proposed any new development. As of summer 2019, there continues to be strong interest in developing this area in western Cotati, and construction of past entitlements and new revised projects are likely to be seen in the coming year. Below are all of the associated proposed and City approved documents related to the project.

SSBP Image

Cotati Villages
Vesting Tentative Map
Site Layout
Residential Plan Set
Commercial Plan Set
Landscape Plan Set

Environmental Documents
South Sonoma Business Park (SSBP) Draft EIR 2001
SSBP Draft EIR Appendices 2001
SSBP Draft EIR Errata 2001
SSBP Draft Response to Comments 2001
SSBP Draft Addendum to EIR 2003
SSBP Final Addendum to EIR 2003
SSBP Addendum with Errata 2006

Assisted Living & Memory Care Facility with Commercial Building
The City is currently reviewing a proposal for construction of a new 77,000-square-foot Assisted Living Facility with 88 units, a 24,100-square-foot Memory Care Facility with 34 units, and a 4,000-square-foot commercial building to be operated as a cannabis dispensary. The project will be located at the northwest corner of Alder Lane and State Route 116 (Gravenstein Highway). Facility Image

Final Initial Study and Mitigated Negative Declaration
Draft Initial Study and Mitigated Negative Declaration 
Appendix A - Site Plan
Appendix B - Tree Preservation and Mitigation Report
Appendix C - Figures C-1 to C-8
Appendix D - Air Quality and GHG Evaluation
Appendix E - Biological Resource Analysis
Appendix F - Cultural Resources Study
Appendix G - Geotechnical Report
Appendix H - Initial Storm Water Low Impact Development
Appendix I - Noise Memo
Appendix J - Focused Traffic Impact Analysis
Public Notice of Availability and Intent to Adopt a Mitigated Negative Declaration
Architectural Plans

Cotati Hotel and Market Hall
The City is currently reviewing a proposal for a new 153-room hotel to be located at the south-west corner of Old Redwood Highway and Gravenstein Highway. The project proposes to remove the existing park-and-ride lot and construct a four-story hotel, approximately 20,050 square feet in size. The project also proposes a 5,650 square foot Market Hall and lounge, available to the general public, to provide retail & restaurant amenities and a small gathering area for fundraisers and musical events.

Final Cotati Hotel and Market Hall Initial/Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration
Draft Cotati Hotel and Market Hall Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration
Appendix A - Air Quality Greenhouse Gas Supporting Info
Appendix B - Biological Resources Supporting Info
Appendix C - Cultural Resources Supporting Info
Appendix D – Geotech Investigation Supporting Info
Appendix E – Noise Supporting Info
Appendix F – Transportation Supporting Info
Appendix G – Sewer Capacity Memorandum
Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program
Notice of Intent to adopt a Mitigated Negative Declaration

Wayfinding Program
The City is creating a wayfinding system to assist Wayfindingresidents and visitors in navigating our trails and bike paths safely and efficiently, locating desirable landmarks and important facilities, as well as creating needed connections to regional systems. This program will begin design work in the fall of 2019.       

Cotati StationCotati Station
Next to our new train station on Santero Way, a mixed use development consisting of 74 apartment units, commercial space, a new public park, and additional parking for resident or commuters is expected to break ground in the spring or early summer 2019. This project includes 14 affordable units.

Kessing Ranch Subdivision
Kessing Ranch​A new single family home development at the prominent corner of Old Redwood Highway and Valparaiso Avenue has been approved by the City Council. The new development will include 40 new market rate homes, as well as 7 for-sale affordable homes. Thirty-five percent of the units will be sold with photovoltaic panels installed and all will be prewired for solar. Storm water treatment and protected wetland areas will include interpretive signage to educate the public on low impact development techniques and the importance of naturally functioning systems and a new public park will be created around a historically significant stone structure. This project is expected to break ground in 2019.

And more to come!  The City also has several other housing projects in the pipeline which are projected to go into construction in the near future. 

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