Your Neighborhood Officer

In order to create a strong, positive connection between Cotati citizens and the Cotati Police Department, we have created “zones” of responsibility for officers. An officer is assigned to a zone for a period of one year. This allows them to become more familiar with the areas of the city and provides an opportunity for you to get to know them.
To learn who your area officer is and how to contact him/her, visit this page starting the second week of January when assignments are made. Or look for an announcement on Facebook.
As a city resident or business owner, you can always reach out to your officer by calling the police dispatcher business number at (707) 792-4611 at any time, day or night. An officer will follow up with you to answer your questions and concerns.

In any case, please never hesitate to immediately report suspicious activity to us, we are here to serve you!

If you see something that strikes you as “unusual” such as a person or vehicle that seems out of place, or you suspect that someone is driving under the influence, please call us (911 for emergencies; (707) 792-4611 for non-emergency situations).

Six Zones of Cotati