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Measure M
Street Improvements
2020 Street Construction & Improvements Project:

The project generally consists of a full reconstruction of the roadway on Arthur Street, George Street, William Street, Olof Street, Henry Street, Charles Street, and the westernmost portion of Valparaiso Avenue; along with slurry sealing of the three public parking lots in the downtown area. Work on the project began on September 1st with Team Ghilotti, Inc. (TGI) potholing to locate existing utilities on each of the streets to be repaved; followed by the replacement of ramps, sidewalk, curb and gutter at various locations throughout the project and digouts in the public parking lots. The slurry sealing operation of the public parking lots is tentatively scheduled for mid-October.

The City has elected to perform a full depth reclamation (FDR) on each of the project streets. Generally, the FDR process consists of grinding and pulverizing the entire existing roadway and underlying materials to a certain depth, mixing in cement and other agents then recompacting to solidify the recycled materials as the new roadway base, then finishing up with paving of the new asphalt section. The FDR method of roadway rehabilitation is a robust treatment, and will produce a high quality and long lasting product (20-25+ year useful lifespan). TGI began the FDR operation on September 28th, and anticipates finishing the roadway paving by October 9th. The work is anticipated to run through mid to late November for full completion of the project. We appreciate your patience and understanding during any inconveniences which may be caused by the project. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

City of Cotati Project Manager: Jon Caldwell, 707-665-4238 or
City Project Inspector (Green Valley Consulting Engineers): Matthew Messenger, 707-775-7456
Team Ghilotti Project Superintendent: Mike Sciacca, 415-720-9258

School Street
W. School Street Pathway Project (Phase 2):

The project is an extension of the existing asphalt pathway on W. School Street down Richardson Lane to near Thomas Page Academy, using primarily federal grant funding. The new pathway runs along the southern shoulder of Richardson Lane, and consists of a pathway material resembling a golden brown decomposed granite. The project includes associated improvements including installation of a stop sign and repaving at the intersection of W. School Street and Richardson Lane, retaining walls, drainage and fencing. Piazza Construction began work in late July and the project is anticipated to be completed in early October.

Piazza Construction is currently in the process of performing the improvements at the intersection of W. School Street and Richardson Lane; then they will wrap up the project by installing the pathway fencing along the eastern portion of Richardson Lane. We appreciate your patience as the project may cause some inconveniences to the public during construction. Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns at any time.

Civic Center
Helen Putnam Park
Manhole Repair
P-1 Portal St
Trash Manage Area
Well 1A
Crossing Upgrade
William and Olof
St. Joseph Way
Old Redwood Highway
Falletti Ranch
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