Welcome to the History of Cotati! The purpose of this exhibit is to create an Exploreelectronic version of our history for all to enjoy, whether you are with us here in Cotati or have popped in to visit us from across the world. To begin the tour, click on the subsections in the left hand window. While there are a number of historic photos scattered throughout, you also may enjoy the pop-up exhibits that can be found throughout the site, primarily at the end of each page. These are more extensive exhibits and offer greater detail, but can take additional time to download. You may need to disable your popup blocker if it prevents the windows from opening.

This section is sponsored by the City of Cotati and the Cotati Chamber of Commerce. If you are interested in learning more about Cotati, be sure and visit their Web sites.

Most of the exhibits on this Web site were contributed for use by Lloyd and Prue Draper. Lloyd and Prue worked to create a comprehensive archive to preserve the history of Cotati for our generations, and those that follow. If you have a photograph, or some other historical artifact that you are concerned about preserving as part of our history, please contact the Historical Society.