Award Winning Financial Report to the Community

Award Winning Financial Report to the Community
Posted on 10/09/2020
AwardThe Governmental Finance Officers Association (GFOA) has awarded the City of Cotati their SECOND consecutive Popular Annual Financial Report Award.

This award represents a significant achievement by the City and reflects the commitment of the City Council and staff to meeting the highest principles of transparent financial reporting. To receive the award, the City has to prepare an Audited Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (available here). The City must then prepare a separate financial report that is Community driven and highlights the overall summary of information available in the full financial statements. This slimmed down version of the financial report must satisfy a panel of peer reviewers as to the quality of the document based on:

• Overall quality and usefulness
• Reader appeal
• Understandability
• Distribution methods

Come Check Out Our Award Winning Community Financial Statements Here!