Cotati Switches to 100% Renewable Electricity

Cotati Switches to 100% Renewable Electricity
Posted on 06/30/2019
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: July 1, 2019 Cotati, CA


At the City Council meeting on June 25, the Cotati City Council voted unanimously to switch all municipal electric accounts to Evergreen 100% renewable electricity. The switch from Sonoma Clean Power’s CleanStart to Evergreen is the latest in a series of actions the City has taken over the past 17 years to reduce energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions.

After the City Council meeting, Mayor John Dell’Osso stated, “After many years of focusing on energy conservation measures, the City Council recognized that switching our municipal electricity accounts to Evergreen reduces greenhouse gas emissions by another 60% and is the single most significant step we could take at this time to continue to lead the way to cleaner air and a safer environment for our community.”

Beginning in 2002, the City of Cotati has been implementing a wide range of energy and cost saving measures, including building energy efficiency measures, lighting retrofits, fuel efficient and electric vehicles, and optimizing water and sewer pumping. In 2014, the City of Cotati transitioned to the CleanStart electricity mix, which reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 50%. The change to Evergreen reduces the City’s greenhouse gas emission by another 60%, and also supports local jobs at the Geyers geothermal steam fields.

Sonoma Clean Power currently serves 87% of the residential and commercial customers in Sonoma and Mendocino County, with over 224,000 accounts. Through customer savings, Sonoma Clean Power has returned approximately $80 million into the economy of Sonoma County, as well as directly supporting local energy efficiency programs and jobs.

For more information, contact Cotati City Manager Damien O’Bid, at (707) 665-3621 ( or Kate Kelly, Sonoma Clean Power spokeswoman, at (707) 978-3468 (