Climate and Sustainability

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Cotati recognized as a "Frontrunner" in the fight against climate change for its EV Charging Reach Code! 

Welcome to the City of Cotati's Climate and Sustainability webpage. The City has recognized the urgent need to reduce activities that contribute to climate change, while preparing to address climate change impacts. The Cotati City Council has declared climate change mitigation and adaptation as one of the main goals of the City, and strives to implement greenhouse gas-reducing measures. The City's participation in regional climate action planning, and City programs to facilitate sustainable transportation choices, reduce fossil fuel emissions, conserve water, promote local food production, sustain and grow the urban forest, and promote compact infill development are all examples of Cotati's efforts to proactively respond to and mitigate climate change and preserve precious resources. Please visit the pages below to learn more about Cotati's commitment to climate protection, climate change adaptation, and sustainability, and the ways that you can take action.  

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