Land Acknowledgement

The City of Cotati recognizes that we’re on the ancestral lands of the Coastal Miwok, who are the original caretakers of this area. We respectfully acknowledge the Indigenous peoples who have been stewarding and maintaining a relationship on this land as knowledge keepers for millennia.

The City of Cotati is dedicated to understanding and educating the public about the historical and ongoing connections between the land and culture of indigenous communities that were the original inhabitants. 

We encourage indigenous members of our community to share their history, customs and values with other community members to help build understanding. While recognizing the past injustices, we honor the resiliency and spirit of our Native community and their ability to continue to live and thrive on their ancestral lands, as well as continuing to practice their cultural ceremonies and practices.

This acknowledgement does not take the place of authentic relationships with Indigenous communities but serves as a gesture of respect to the land we are on.