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Election Dates: The 2022 General Municipal Election will be held on November 8, 2022

The City of Cotati Council is comprised of five Council Members, elected at-large for four-year terms. The next General Municipal Election will be held on Tuesday, November 8, 2022, for the election of two City Council Members.

Eligibility for City Council

To be eligible to run for City Council, candidates must reside within the City of Cotati and be a registered voter at the time nomination papers are issued. Interested residents must make an appointment with the Deputy City Clerk to receive and submit campaign documents during the Nomination Period beginning July 18 and ending on August 12, 2022. The Nomination Period will be extended to 5 pm on August 17, 2022, if an incumbent fails to file nomination papers by the August 12 deadline.

  • Step 1: Contact the Deputy City Clerk for an appointment
    July 18 through August 12 /17
  • Step 2: Complete nomination papers and collect signatures
  • Step 3: File nomination papers with the Deputy City Clerk
    Deadline August 12 (or extended to August 17)

Election-specific documents are not available prior to July 18. Potential candidates are encouraged to review Fair Political Practices Commission  (FPPC) Campaign Rules, election manuals, and campaign forms:

The City of Cotati has adopted Resolution 06-64 which encourages Candidates to use the Code of Fair Campaign Practices.

For more information email Deputy City Clerk Kevin Patterson or call 707-665-3639.

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Voter registration and election information can be found at:

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