Mayor's Message

As Mayor of the City of Cotati, I'd like to welcome you to our city.

Cotati has long been considered the "Hub" of Sonoma County by virtue of its central location and its distinct and historic hexagonal plaza. Surrounded by beautiful vistas of hills, vineyards, majestic oaks and redwoods, Cotati mixes all the benefits of living in a small city, with the cultural advantages of being located near major urban centers and a highly acclaimed state university. Cotati's roots are steeped in agriculture and music, and our citizens are proud of the diverse and charming community that has been shaped by over 100 years' history.

Cotati is home to a very clean light industrial area and is proud of its mixed-use development and "green" building programs. We have an energetic and involved business community and a variety of retail experiences. There are a number of events and celebrations that take place throughout the year that offer something for everyone. Our annual Kids' Day Parade and Festival, our wonderful summertime Farmers' Market, the Cotati Jazz Festival, Oktoberfest and the Cotati Accordion Festival, the largest Accordion Festival in California, all take place in historic La Plaza Park, in the heart of Cotati.

We encourage you to come and visit our treasures, and in the process discover the spirit of Cotati. While you're here, enjoy our public art displays and visit our new Historical Society Museum located in City Hall.

If you come for a visit, pack for a lifetime: you may want to make Cotati your home -- I did!

Susan Harvey
Mayor of Cotati