Mayor's Message


If you are a visitor or if you would just like to know a little bit more about Cotati, read on.  If you are a Cotati resident, there is a special message for you at the very end.

Located on the southern edge of the Laguna de Santa Rosa, Cotati is situated on the ancestral lands of the Coastal Miwok, who are the original caretakers of this area. The city is nestled among beautiful hillsides, majestic oaks and redwoods, and creeks that host a cacophony of frogs and birds. Cotati values our healthy ecosystem and strives to live in harmony with nature.  

Cotati is lovingly dubbed the “Hub of Sonoma County” due to its central location and distinct hexagonal plaza. Our roots are steeped in agriculture and music. Visitors to Cotati will find an array of top-notch restaurants, shops, parks, trails, and attractions such as the Veronda-Falletti Ranch just a short walk or ride from the Cotati SMART station. We host several events and celebrations throughout the year offering something for everyone:  the summertime Farmers’ Market, the Kids’ Day Parade in July, the Holiday Tree Lighting and Shop and Stroll each December, and the can’t-miss Cotati Accordion Festival, which boasts internationally acclaimed musicians, are all held in historic La Plaza Park.

But what really makes Cotati special is its people. I have fallen in love with this city because of the welcoming, diverse, and incredibly talented folks I have met that make up our vibrant and thriving community.  Our many innovative, top-of-class, and cutting-edge local businesses are a point of pride. We are truly a city of interesting characters, and the folks who live here love the small-town feel that allows us to know and care for our neighbors. 

Residents of Cotati might be interested to know that the office of Mayor is a rotating one-year appointment from among the five elected City Councilmembers. I am humbled by the responsibility that is temporarily entrusted to me. However, the responsibility for governing Cotati does not fall to me, but to us.  Each Cotati resident has a role to play, and our collective knowledge and wisdom are what ensure good governance. I encourage every Cotati resident to stay engaged and informed about our city. Check out the details that come frequently in the newsletter/water bill.  Follow along and track public projects.  Watch planning commission and city council meetings and make comments on items that interest you. We are such a small community that just a few passionate people engaging with the city can make a tremendous positive impact. But a word of warning, from personal experience, if you get too involved you might end up having to take your turn as Mayor!

Laura Sparks

Mayor of Cotati