Bike & Pedestrian Master Plan Update

The City of Cotati is focused on making bicycle and pedestrian improvements that enhance the safety, comfort and attractiveness of walking and bicycling for people of all ages and abilities. An important part of that effort is maintaining an up-to-date Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan. The master plan helps guide the City's decision making and its prioritization of infrastructure development. As a Cotatizen that walks and bikes in Cotati, your input and feedback is vitally important! Please sign up below to stay informed and please share your thoughts on how we can improve your walking and biking experience in Cotati!

The City of Cotati has been hard at work updating our bike and pedestrian wayfinding signage, which you may have seen along the bike paths! The next phase includes kiosks that will have maps and interpretive panels. Please provide any feedback you might have on the draft interpretive panels by utilizing the following documents.

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Upcoming Meetings / Events

Dates: To Be Announced

Past Meeting Notes & Materials

September 20, 2021 - Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee/Planning Commission

If you have any questions/comments in regards to our Bike and Pedestrian Master Plan Update please contact: Email JP Harries or call them at 707-665-3634

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