Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement Department of the City of Cotati Community Development Department works with and helps empower the citizens of Cotati to create, promote and maintain a safe, attractive, and high-quality community environment.

The Community Development Department's primary Code Enforcement responsibility is enforcing the City's Municipal Code pertaining to, land use violations, substandard housing, and public nuisances.

City Staff is only authorized to enforce regulations pertaining to residences and businesses within the City of Cotati. In addition, some issues may not be enforceable by City ordinances, but rather are civil matters between residents. Please note that not all complaints will result in a violation.

  • Common types of violations include, but are not limited to:
  • Unpermitted Business Activities
  • Fence / hedge / wall height and location
  • Zoning violations (type of use on a property)
  • Licensing for home-based businesses
  • Un-permitted dwelling units on a property
  • Property maintenance (public nuisances such as storage of solid waste and garbage)
  • Substandard housing
  • Unauthorized storage or use of vehicles
  • Setbacks and height violations
  • Signage (unauthorized)
  • Building Code violations