Projects in Progress

  1. Flahaven Estates - 8841 OLD REDWOOD HIGHWAY

Flahavan Estates, located on a 7.12-acre property at 8841 Old Redwood Highway, is proposed to be a 35-unit single-family home subdivision with homes ranging in size from 1,800 to 2,600 square feet. The required entitlements include a Tentative Map, Design Review, and a Hillside Development Permit. The proposed project is currently under review by City staff and will require Planning Commission review and City Council approval. For additional information, please contact JP Harries at (707) 665-3634 or  jpharries@cotaticity.orgFlahavan Estates (JPEG)Design Concept
Plan Set
Preliminary Landscape Plan
Tentative Map

  1. Sandell distribution warehouse building #1 - 597 hELMAN LN
  1. Sandell distribution warehouse building #2 - Planning approval received
  1. La plaza view mixed use project
  1. Jaime Lane (Ryan Lane) Project
  1. Cotati Village Community
  1. Cotati Hotel and Market
  1. Wayfinding program
  1. Cotati Station