Citizen Complaint Form

This form is for reporting police employee misconduct. Matters reported on this form other than employee misconduct will be referred to the responsible entity for appropriate action.

A complaint may be made in-person, by phone, by mail or email, or on the following form. In-person complaints may be made at the Police Department or another mutually convenient location. It is highly recommended that you provide contact information (such as phone, email, mailing address) so that we may provide you with a copy of your complaint, follow up as necessary during the investigation, and to inform you of the outcome after the investigation. Complaints received anonymously will be investigated to the greatest degree possible, but without the ability to interview the complaining party, the department may not be able to resolve or sustain the complaint and will not be able to contact the complainant to provide them a copy of their statement or any disposition information.

All complaints are reviewed by the supervisor if the Lieutenant is the subject of the complaint, before being assigned for investigation by a trained supervisor or investigator. The investigation may include interviews of witnesses and officers; a review of Department records, policies, and procedures; an inspection of medical records, photographs, a review of body-worn cameras, a review of telephone and radio traffic, and other available evidence.

The investigation of a personnel complaint and subsequent actions (including the administration of discipline when warranted) can be involved and time-consuming processes. The amount of time they take depends on a number of factors and generally varies from several months to about a year. Once the process has been completed, you will be notified of the outcome in writing within 30 days if you have provided your contact information.

Complaint forms and frequently asked questions regarding complaints are available on the City website and in hard copy at the Police Department and City Hall. Additional information about our policies, including citizen complaints, can be found on the Police Department home page.

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Citizen Complaint Form


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