Public Works & Engineering

Public Works and Engineering includes Streets, Storm Water, Waste Water, Government Buildings and Park Maintenance. These divisions provide high quality, efficient services to the public and other City departments through engineering services; maintenance of publicly owned facilities and streets; operation and maintenance of water and sewer systems; and providing and maintaining related equipment.

Park Maintenance

Provides for basic infrastructure for parks and special use areas. This includes administration and supervision of contract providers and park maintenance staff for landscaping, irrigation, general maintenance, custodial and litter abatement.

The goal of Park Maintenance is to:

  • Provide the citizens of Cotati with parks, parkways, maintenance of common areas, parking lots and public grounds for their enjoyment and safety through proper horticulture, maintenance and cleaning of city parks and public grounds.
  • Maintain a dog park at the Northwest corner of Putnam Park.

Government Buildings

Provides for the operation and maintenance of City Hall, the Corporation Yard, and the Ray Miller Community Center. City Hall provides offices for the City Council, City Manager, Police, Building/Planning, and Finance, as well as a Council Chamber and conference room. The Corporation Yard provides storage and maintenance for the City's heavy equipment fleet, storage for streets, parks, governmental building, water and sewer equipment and applicable supplies and materials, and storage of surplus assets.

The goal of Government Buildings is to:

  • Maintain a safe, secure, reliable and attractive work, public meeting, and storage environment.
  • Store, service and provide all types of vehicles and equipment needed to respond to requests for service with minimal time loss due to malfunctions.


Provides for the maintenance of streets and right-of-ways, including pavement, curbs, gutters, sidewalks, street lights, traffic signs and traffic striping.

The goal of Streets is to:

  • Provide a safe travel way for both pedestrian and vehicular traffic by making repairs to asphalt streets, concrete sidewalks, maintaining flood control facilities, repairing fencing and other appurtenances in the public right-of-way.
  • Provide an effective maintenance program for paint striping and legend painting.


Services are provided by a registered Civil Engineer and support staff employed by the City. Engineering provides pre-development engineering information to builders and developers; develops and maintains standards for public facility installation by developers; reviews and recommends action on proposed subdivisions of land; provides engineering review of developer plans and specifications for public and semi-public improvements including grading, drainage, and streets, as well as inspecting such improvements when installed; and provides engineering design of projects as directed by the City Manager and the City Council. Engineering supervises the maintenance of engineering drawings and files, which are located at the Corporation Yard.

The goal of Engineering is to:

  • Plan check subdivision maps, parcel maps, and improvement drawings.
  • Design city infrastructure when called upon.
  • Conduct feasibility and utility rate studies.
  • Maintain city engineering records.
  • Provide engineering advice for Planning, Building, and Public Works.
  • Provide consultation regarding city engineering for City Manager and City Council.
  • Attend City Council meetings as directed by City Manager.

Water & Sewer

Operations are financed and operated in a manner similar to private business enterprise where the intent of the governing body is for the costs (including depreciation) of providing water and sewer services to the general public on a continuing basis to be financed or recovered through user charges.

The goal of the Water Division is to:

  • Continuously provide an adequate supply of water that is free of health hazards and is of acceptable quality to meet demand.
  • Protect the health and welfare of the community by ensuring the continuous operation of the City's water transmission and distribution systems.
  • Assure maximum fair collection of water revenue by maintaining all city water meters within tolerances established by the American Water Works Association and by maintaining all consumer meters in proper operating condition.

The goal of the Sewer Division is to:

  • Protect the health and welfare of the community by insuring the continuous uninterrupted operation of the wastewater collection and transmission system.
  • Provide appropriate economical maintenance and repair of wastewater collection and transmission systems and appurtenances.