Storm Water

The City's owns and maintains a storm drain system that discharges into local creeks which ultimately goes into the Russian River. Under the Federal Clean Water Act and State and local regulations, the City and its businesses and residents are to protect and enhance the water quality of watercourses by reducing pollutants in storm water discharges to the maximum extent practicable and by prohibiting non storm water discharges to the storm drain system.

Report Non-Storm Water Discharges:

  • During Business Hours
    Phone: 707-665-3638
  • After Hours
    Phone: 707-792-4611

Storm Drain Connect Streets To Creeks, Ours to ProtectDo you recognize this creek? Is it near your home? It is the Laguna De Santa Rosa!! We have a new look for our storm water logo and great information for the residents in Cotati and Sonoma County! Storm drains connect the streets to creeks! To help residents like yourself get more familiar with how the storm drains at your home flows directly into our beautiful creeks, see below how simple tasks you do can improve the vitality and health of those creeks. Our creeks are Ours to Protect. Some of the biggest things you can do to help protect Cotati's creeks is practice these simple tasks:

  • Pet Waste - Scoop the poop! On a walk, at the dog park, and in your backyard- that's important too! Sure it's the neighborly thing to do, but did you know that pet waste contains bacteria? If it's not scooped and disposed of properly water can carry the bacteria into a nearby storm drain that flows into your neighborhood creek and potentially harm local fish species.
  • Yard Care - Timing is everything. Check the weather and your watering schedule. Runoff from rain and irrigation can wash chlorine, excess fertilizer, herbicides, compost and leaf debris into the storm drain. This material can clog the storm drain system and have a negative impact on your neighborhood creek.
  • Car Washing - If you're able to, take your car to your local car wash. Treat yourself and protect the environment at the same time! Professional car washes are prepared and capture and treat or recycle wash water. If you wash at home, divert water to where it can soak into the ground, like your front lawn! Use a bucket and empty your soapy wash water into your sink, not the storm drain. Detergents and soaps from your wash water that make their way down the gutter into the storm drain end up in the creek and can harm aquatic vegetation and wildlife.
  • Trash - Lend a hand, and pick it up! Wind and water can carry trash from the street, into a nearby storm drain. This trash then continues to travel from the creek, into the Russian River, and finally ending up in the ocean; harming local wildlife or polluting our local swimming holes.

Storm Drains Connect Streets to Creeks and they are Ours to Protect

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