Public Works Projects

Measure M
  1. West Sierra Avenue Traffic Safety Improvements

Traffic Safety ImprovementsThe project is being constructed by DC Electric Group and their subcontractors. Construction began in early April, and is expected to run through late June. There may be minor intermittent traffic delays throughout the project, and we appreciate your patience with any potential inconveniences that are caused. Please proceed through the work zones with caution, and be particularly aware of the new stop signs installed on W Sierra Avenue at W School Street. Feel free to reach out at any time with questions and/or concerns.

  • City of Cotati Project Manager: Email Jon Caldwell or call 707-665-4238
  • DC Electric Group Project Superintendent: Tim Carter
    Phone: 707-992-0141
  1. Bicycle & Pedestrian Wayfinding Signage Project Phase 2
  1. 2021 Street Construction & Improvements
  1. 2020 Streets Construction & Improvements
  1. West School Street Pathway Phase 2
  1. 2021 Pavement Preservation Project
  1. Bicycle and Pedestrian Wayfinding Project Phase 1
  1. Civic Center Roof & Refurbishments & City Hall Improvements
  1. Helen Putnam Dog Park & Fencing Improvements
  1. Manhole/Lateral Repair & Improvements
  1. Portal Street, Mercantile, Aaron Street Main Replacement
  1. Trash Management Area 1
  1. Well 1A / Well 3 Water Treatment Rehabilitation
  1. Crossing Upgrade at Laguna De Santa Rosa/Commerce Boulevard
  1. William & Olof Street Sewer Improvements
  1. Old Redwood Highway Traffic Flow Improvements
  1. Falletti Ranch Improvements