Water & Sewer Services

Water and Sewer operations are financed and operated in a manner similar to private business enterprise where the intent of the governing body is for the costs (including depreciation) of providing water and sewer services to the general public on a continuing basis to be financed or recovered through user charges.

  • Water: The City owns and operates a public drinking water system consisting of pipelines, wells, pumps and tanks and is regulated by the State Water Resources Control Board Division of Drinking Water.
  • Sewer: The City owns and operates a public sewer collection system and sends wastewater to the City of Santa Rosa's Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant for treatment and reuse. View the Water Reuse Tour Program videos.

The following options are to make it as convenient as possible to manage your utility account during this time.

Convenient Methods for Payment

  • Register you account and pay online at our payment portal
  • Pay by phone any time at 833-282-0825
  • Mail payment or drop it in the green box, located outside of City Hall at 201 West Sierra Avenue.
  • You can call administrative services at 707-665-3631 to set your account up for automatic payments with a valid checking account or Visa/MasterCard, or to simply process a one-time payment by credit card.

Customer Assistance Program

  • To avoid shutoff or late payment penalties please apply for a Payment Plan or Payment Extension.
  • Struggling to pay your water or wastewater bills or your previously granted payment plan? The State of California is offering assistance through their Low Income Household Water Assistance Program. Visit csd.ca.gov/waterbill to see if you qualify and to apply.

Start or Stop Water Service

We are now offering online options to both start or stop water service from a simple form available on our City Website or with an email to the Administrative Services department.

  • Start service forms are located here.
  •  Stop service should be scheduled online using your utility account login at our payment portal


Contact us Monday-Thursday 7:30am-5:30pm at 707-665-3631 or by email at water@cotaticity.org


The goal of the Water Division is to:

  • Continuously provide an adequate supply of water that is free of health hazards and is of acceptable quality to meet demand.
  • Protect the health and welfare of the community by ensuring the continuous operation of the City's water transmission and distribution systems.
  • Assure maximum fair collection of water revenue by maintaining all city water meters within tolerances established by the American Water Works Association and by maintaining all consumer meters in proper operating condition.

The goal of the Sewer Division is to:

  • Protect the health and welfare of the community by insuring the continuous uninterrupted operation of the wastewater collection and transmission system.
  • Provide appropriate economical maintenance and repair of wastewater collection and transmission systems and appurtenances.