Application for Water from Hydrant

Fees Associated with Renting a Hydrant Meter

  • Water is charged at double Tier 2 Rate. You can find current rates here. Rates are subject to change periodically and you will be charged whatever the current rate is at the time of monthly billing.
  • Initial deposit amount is $1,200 plus a $50 non-refundable rental fee.
  • Monthly Billing is equal to the cost of actual usage plus a $50 administrative fee.

You will need to sign a contract and agree to comply will all provisions of Resolution Number 03-29 and State of California Department of Public Health regulations. If the meter is lost, stolen, or not returned upon request by City and/or repair costs for damaged meter, you will be responsible for the replacement cost.

City of Cotati Resolution 03-29 requires a deposit prior to the taking of water from City fire hydrants. State law prohibits a direct connection from hydrant to tank truck. A filler pipe with air gap is required.

If you rental is longer than a month, the City of Cotati will contact you around the 1st of each month to get a meter read so we can send billings. Your deposit (less any damage or replacement costs) will be applied to your last billing after you have returned the hydrant meter.

Application for Water from Hydrant

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