City of Cotati Business Assistance

The City desires to support the success of our existing and potential new business owners.

Business Visitation Program

Together with representatives from Sonoma County Economic Development Board and the Chamber of Commerce, the City hosts a business visitation program. Every month, the team visits local businesses to learn more about what you do and to tell you about resources and contacts that you may not be aware of. We can help problem solve around City issues such as signage, as well as business promotion and a wide variety of regional and state resources such as tax rebates, employee training and marketing data.

Cotati Open For Business

Our Open for Business program can assist potential new businesses, businesses wishing to expand or relocate or developers looking for the best sites to match their development program. In face-to-face meetings, representatives from Planning, Building, Engineering and Fire, can explain requirements and process or help you solve a problem or roadblock.

To take advantage of either or these programs, please email Damien O'Bid, City Manager, or call 707-665-3622.