Your Neighborhood Officer

Neighborhood Officers Assigned to Areas of Cotati

The Cotati Police Department is proactive in connecting with citizens and business owners in their quest to keep the public safe and be a resource for the department. In addition to watching over the entire city, officers are specifically responsible for certain areas. See the area map below. This means that Officer Knight (area 1), Officer Garber (area 2), Officer Sullivan (area 3), Officer Cunningham (area 4), Officer Reinke (area 5) and Corporal Deaton (area 6) will serve as a resource for both businesses and citizens in their area and will focus on getting to know the public.

“Community-Oriented Policing is a strategy that focuses on building bonds and working closely with members of the community. Cotati will benefit greatly from this connection between officers and the public,” says Michael Parish, Cotati’s Chief of Police.

Officers can be reached via email or phone (see below) to respond to, for example, issues such as:

• a business owner wanting to have a discussion with police about homelessness near their business
• a citizen wondering how best to report on-going vehicle speeding near their home
• someone who just wants some advice or information about crime, regulations or laws
• Other general, non-emergency questions, issues or concerns

Officers will switch their area of responsibility annually and several times a year, a neighborhood meeting will take place where safety topics can be discussed and a summary of arrests and other activities in the area will be made available. To be included in those meetings, email your area officer to be notified when meetings are scheduled.

As a reminder, immediately report suspicious activity to our 24/7 dispatch center at 707 792-4611: if you SEE something, SAY something. Call 9-1-1 for emergencies.

Area 1: Officer Knight, 707 792-4611,  [email protected]     
Area 2: Officer Garber, 707 792-4611, [email protected]
Area 3 Officer Sullivan, 707 792-4611,  [email protected]
Area 4: Officer Cunningham, 707 792-4611,  [email protected] 
Area 5: Officer Knight, 707 792-4611,  [email protected]     
Area 6: Corporal Deaton and Corporal Mitchell, 707 792-4611,  [email protected] and [email protected] 

Please note:  To view your evacuation zone please click "Evacuation Zones" on the left side of the map.