What are the benefits of Monthly billing?

Smaller, manageable payments.

More efficient household budgeting: Your water bill will now arrive at a similar frequency with most other bills such as gas and electric or cellphone.  Hopefully this helps simplify monthly budgeting for more customers .

Timely water use information: Monitoring your water use can help you understand consumption habits and manage water and related sewer costs. With the bi-monthly billing any unusual consumption could be be more than two months in the past from when you receive the bill. 

Detect possible water leaks quickly: With more timely information, you’ll easily notice if your water use is different from normal. This allows for the early detection and prompt repair of leaks, reducing the possibility of a high water bill. If you want to learn more about detecting possible water leaks, sign up for leak alerts through our WaterSmart Portalhere.

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1. What are the benefits of Monthly billing?
2. How will customers know about this change?
3. What can I do if I need financial assistance during this transition?
4. Why is the City moving to monthly billing?
5. Can I still manage my account online?
6. What changes to the bill should I expect?