Can I still manage my account online?

Yes!  Everything from Automatic Bill Pay, Automatic Draft, and even Start and Stop Services Requests will continue to be offered with no changes HERE.

If you signed up for automatic payments through the Draft. You are set and nothing will change as payments will continue to be processed by the City. No risk of past due fees for you. 

If you have automatic payments set up through municipal online payments we highly recommend you take the following steps in January 2024:

 1.      Log in online and confirm your card on record is still valid

 2.      Check the dates for processing the payment. If this is established as a specific date of the month, simply confirm that this date will still work for a Monthly Bill.

 3.      Verify the amount to be paid. You can select a specific amount, or the full outstanding balance, or the amount due. 

Please note that during the End of January and Beginning of February there will be a gap where there could be two bills outstanding.  

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5. Can I still manage my account online?
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