What does a 20 percent voluntary reduction in water use mean?

During a drought, it is important that we all do our part to save water. Every gallon or drop saved preserves water in our local reservoirs. For example, Cotati customers should eliminate water waste and adopt water-saving habits. Water waste, like leaks and breaks or overspray from irrigation are prohibited. For water-saving tips, free devices, rebates, and more, visit our Water Conversation Page.

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1. How is the City of Cotati responding to the regional drought emergency?
2. What does a 20 percent voluntary reduction in water use mean?
3. How do I cut back my water use if I'm already efficient with my water use?
4. What is considered efficient water use?
5. How can I figure out how much water I use?
6. Is the City enforcing any water use prohibitions?
7. How does the City enforce the Water Waste Ordinance?
8. How do I report water waste?
9. How will my water bill be affected?
10. What resources are available to help me reduce my water use?
11. What will happen if we do not get rain this coming winter?
12. How are other cities affected?
13. Why do we continue to allow new building and development during a water shortage?
14. I own a pool. What can I do to help save water?