How do I cut back my water use if I'm already efficient with my water use?

The request for a 20 percent reduction in water use is a collective, community-wide, target and not necessarily an individual target. Cotati appreciates all our customers that have made permanent and significant efforts to reduce water use. If you have already eliminated water waste and are using water efficiently indoors and outdoors, we encourage you to continue doing so. If you're interested in exploring whether there are additional ways you can reduce water use during this drought, please visit our Water Conservation Page for potential ideas (and check out our rebate programs!). Also, sign up for water leak alerts at the WaterInsight Program.

We are also asking that all residents practice water-saving behaviors, look for opportunities to replace inefficient water using appliances and/or transform turf grass into low water use landscapes. Cotati offers free water-saving devices, rebates, tips, and more to help customers reduce water use. Need assistance? Contact us at today at 707-665-3638.

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3. How do I cut back my water use if I'm already efficient with my water use?
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