What resources are available to help me reduce my water use?

The City offers many programs and incentives to assist customers in reducing water use, eliminating water waste, and improving water use efficiency. In addition to the rebates and incentives listed below, the City's Water Use Efficiency team provides free do-it-yourself WaterSmart Home check-up kits and in-person on-site visits to assess irrigation efficiency and make recommendations.

Free water-saving devices: high-efficiency showerheads, faucet aerators, shut-off hose nozzles, dye tabs, toilet flappers (to check for toilet leaks)

Rebates: qualifying high-efficiency washing machines, rebates for qualifying toilets, Cash for Grass for lawn conversion and irrigation efficiency upgrades

Programs: Free indoor and outdoor water use surveys and recommendations, and a free subscription for all customers to the Water Insight website, which allows you to set up leak alerts, see how your usage compares with your neighbors, get customized recommendations, and much more!

For more information contact us at 707-665-3638, or go to the City's Water Conservation page.

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