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Community Development

  1. Annual Business License Questionnaire
  2. Housing Interest List
  3. Sign Up to Stay Informed - Bike & Pedestrian Plan Updates
  4. Zoning Clearance Form

    This form is for businesses or business owners applying for a new business license for a business that has physical address within the... More…

  1. Climate and Sustainability Updates Interest Form

    Please provide your name and email address below if you would like to receive updates on climate and sustainability news within Cotati.

  2. Santero Way Specific Plan Interest List

    Additional details on the plan update process and opportunities to participate will be provided, so please sign up with our interest... More…

  3. Single-Family and "Plex" Housing Objective Design Standards Interest List

    Please provide your name and email address below if you would like to receive ODS project information and updates.

Public Works & Engineering

  1. Report a Street, Park, Water or Sewer Issue

    These requests will be checked on the next business day. If this is an emergency please contact Cotati Police at 707-792-4611.

Water & Sewer Services

  1. Application for Water from Hydrant

    You agree to comply with all provisions of Resolution No. 03-29 and State of California Department of Public Health regulations. ... More…

  2. Starting Water Service
  1. Property Owner Consent to Tenant Billing

    District policy requires that water bills be the responsibility of the owner of the property. Delinquent bills for water used on the... More…

  2. Utility Payment Arrangement / Extension Request