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Starting Water Service

  1. Office Hours:  Monday - Thursday 7:30am - 5:30 pm. 

                                Closed Fridays, Weekends, and Holidays.

    Timing: Service requests must be provided atleast two business days in advance of the requested start date.  Services cannot be started on weekends or holidays.  

    Note: All fields must be filled out.  If not applicable please enter "NA". 

    Tenants/Renters: For individuals who are tenants, the property owners consent form must also be completed prior to service being turned on.

    Questions: For any questions or additional information please call or email the Administrative Services Department at 707-665-3631 or

  3. Personal or Business Name

  4. Please list retired or student if applicable.

  5. Receive Utility Notifications*
  6. Enroll in Paperless Billing via Email*
  7. Have you previously had water service with the City of Cotati?*
  8. Owner or Renter*
  9. Services cannot be started Friday-Sunday or holidays.

  10. Property Owner Information

    REQUIRED - To remain compliant with CMC 13.03.260, the City is required to obtain written consent from property owners for the City to directly bill the renters.

    (If you are the property owner please provide again herein for our records.)

  11. Certifications and Acknowledgement
  12. Liability*

    I/We are requesting the City of Cotati to turn on water at the above service address and understand that if all water using appliances are not completed closed, or if there are any leaks, the premises may suffer water damage. I/We hereby accept full responsibility for such damage and agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the City, its officers and employees from and against any and all loss, liability, expense, cost claims, demands, suits and damages, including attorney's fees arising directly or indirectly related to the turning on of water service at the above service address, except for a liability arising from the sole negligence or wilful misconduct of the City. 

    1. Acknowledgement*

      I/We, the undersigned, hereby apply for water service at the above service address. I/We agree to use the water service and pay all rates and charges for water service in accordance with Cotati Municipal Code, and to comply with all water regulations of the City of Cotati. I/We understand that the City shall have the right to terminate water service if any of the foregoing information is determined to be false or untrue or if the required security deposit and/or monthly bills are unpaid. I/We represent and warrant that I am authorized to sign this application. I/We have read the foregoing and declare under the penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California that the foregoing is true, correct, and complete to the best of my/our knowledge. 

    2. Cancelation of Services

      I understand it is my responsibility to notify the City when services at the above listed service address need to be cancelled. I will remain responsible for all water services and charges until I have filed a stop services form. If a stop service form is not received by the City all charges will continue to accumulate on the account until such notice has been received and accepted by the City. Please acknowledge by initialing below. 

    3. Deposit

      A deposit of $200 is required of all new Cotati residents in addition to a $35 non-refundable administrative services fee. This deposit and initial fee will be added to the first bill service. 

      The security deposit shall be applied to the closing bill upon the discontinuation of services and any remaining credit will be refunded. If you move to a new city service location, a new account will be opened and a new deposit may be required to start services unless the applicant satisfies the City's exemption criteria.

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