Cannabis Business Information

Welcome to the City of Cotati’s cannabis business information page. This site is intended to assist persons interested in opening a cannabis-related business in Cotati. Information about Cotati’s rules regarding personal cannabis use and cultivation can be found HERE.

The City of Cotati is now accepting APPLICATIONS for cannabis businesses. Commercial cannabis permit applications are reviewed and permits are issued in the order that they are received. The number of commercial cannabis permits is limited and the City will only accept applications for available permits. There is no waiting list.

Incomplete applications will not be accepted or processed.  Appointments to discuss application material and/or review draft application packages are strongly encouraged.

The numbers of permits currently available for consideration are shown below:

State License Type Remaining # to be Permitted 
2A Small Indoor Cultivation   1
 3A Medium Indoor Cultivation
 4 (Indoor Only) Nursery (Cultivation)
 6 Non-Volatile Manufacturing       1
 7 Volatile Manufacturing
 8  Testing Labs
9  Non Storefront Retailer
 11 Distributor
10 Storefront Retailer  0
 12 Microbusiness

Please note strikethrough represents permits that are no longer available.
Commercial Cannabis Interest List



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