Projects in Progress

8841 Old Redwood Highway – Flahavan Estates
Flahavan Estates, located on a 7.12-acre property at 8841 Old Redwood Highway, is proposed to be a 35-unit single-family home subdivision with homes ranging in size from 1,800 to 2,600 square feet. The required entitlements include a Tentative Map, Design Review, and a Hillside Development Permit. The proposed project is currently under review by City staff and will require Planning Commission review and City Council approval. For additional information, please contact JP Harries at (707) 665-3634 or [email protected].

Flahavan Estates

Design Concept
Plan set
Tentative Map
Preliminary Landscape Plan

Sandell Distribution Warehouse Building #1 and Zoning Code Amendment
On September 28, 2021, the Cotati City Council approved Design Review, a Use Permit, and a Zoning Amendment allowing development of the Sandell Distribution Warehouse. The project will be located on the vacant 8.48-acre parcel located at the west end of Blodgett Street and consists of a 50,064-square-foot storage and warehouse building to be used by a moving and storage company. Portable on-demand storage containers will be stored indoors and outside. The project also includes the construction of a cul-de-sac at the west end of Blodgett Street. The project is currently under construction.

Sandell Warehouse - Plans
Sandell PicturePublic Notice of Intent
Sandell Warehouse - Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas Report
Sandell Warehouse - Biological Assessment Report
Sandell Warehouse - Archaeological Resources Study
Sandell Warehouse - Geotechnical and Soil Investigation Report
Sandell Warehouse - Stormwater and LID Report
Sandell Warehouse - Hydrology Report
Sandell Warehouse - Acoustical Analysis
Sandell Warehouse - Project Overview
Sandell Warehouse - Zoning Code Text Amendment
Spring Rare Plant Survey Report 597 Helman Ln June 2021
CA Fish and Wildlife Comment Letter

Sandell Distribution Warehouse Building 2—Pending Approval
The Sandell Distribution Warehouse Building 2, is a proposed project that would be located on the western portion of an 8.48-acre property at 380 Blodgett Street (formerly 597 Helman Lane). The project includes the construction of a 35,500 square-foot warehouse building to be used by a moving and storage company. The project also includes an outdoor storage area for containers, loading areas, paved parking areas and driveways, sidewalks, and landscaping. Access to the project will be from a new cul-de-sac at the end of Blodgett Street to be constructed on the eastern portion of the property adjacent to Sandell Distribution Warehouse Building 1, which is currently under construction. The project requires a Use Permit, Design Review, and environmental review.

Notice of Public Hearing
Notice of Intent to Adopt Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration
DRAFT Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration and Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program
Site Plan
Vicinity Map
Front Elevation
Project Plans
Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas Report
Biological Assessment Report and Addendum
Archeological/Cultural Resources Study
Soil and Geotechnical Feasibility Evaluation
Stormwater Low Impact Development Report
Preliminary Hydraulics and Hydrology Report
Acoustical Analysis of Operational Noise
Traffic Impact Analysis

La Plaza View Mixed Use Project
La Plaza View is a proposed mixed-use development project that would be located on the vacant parcels located on East Cotati Avenue between Charles Street and La Plaza. The project consists of two three-story buildings with approximately 10,383 square feet of ground-floor commercial space and 27 residential units, and includes on-site parking, landscaping, and ancillary improvements. The project was approved by the Cotati Planning Commission in June 2021. Construction has not begun. For additional information, please contact JP Harries at (707) 665-3634 or [email protected].
La Plaza View - Project OverviewLa Plaza View
La Plaza View - Architectural Plans
La Plaza View - Civil Plans
La Plaza View - Landscape Plans
La Plaza View - Carport Specifications

Jamie Lane (Ryan Lane) Project
Jamie Lane (Ryan Lane) Project Description
Architectural Plans
Engineering/Subdivision Plan

Cotati Village Community
Cotati VillageThe Cotati Village Community project, located at the northeast corner of Gravenstein Highway and Alder Avenue, is proposed to be a mixed-use apartment development that includes 177 rental units across six buildings and a 3,449-square-foot clubhouse at the center of the development with residential amenities and a swimming pool. Most ground-floor spaces in the buildings fronting Gravenstein Highway are planned to be non-residential spaces providing retail and office space. As proposed, 18 of the units will be rented as affordable units for families in the very low-income bracket (30% to 50% of the area median income). The project is currently under review by City staff and will require review by the Cotati Planning Commission and approval by the Cotati City Council. For additional information contact JP Harries at (707) 665-3634 or [email protected].

Cotati Village Community Plan Set

Cotati Hotel and Market Hall
On July 18, 2022, the Cotati Planning Commission approved an updated architectural design for the previously approved 153-room Cotati Hotel project, located at the south-west corner of Old Redwood Highway and Gravenstein Highway.  The project proposes to remove the existing park-and-ride lot and construct a four-story hotel, approximately 20,050 square feet in size. The project also proposes a 5,650 square foot Market Hall and lounge, available to the general public, to provide retail & restaurant amenities and a small gathering area for fundraisers and musical events.

Cotati Hotel Design Concept
Final Cotati Hotel and Market Hall Initial/Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration
Draft Cotati Hotel and Market Hall Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration
Appendix A - Air Quality Greenhouse Gas Supporting Info
Appendix B - Biological Resources Supporting Info
Appendix C - Cultural Resources Supporting Info
Appendix D – Geotech Investigation Supporting Info
Appendix E – Noise Supporting Info
Appendix F – Transportation Supporting Info
Appendix G – Sewer Capacity Memorandum
Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program
Notice of Intent to adopt a Mitigated Negative Declaration

Wayfinding Program
KioskThe City is installing a bike and pedestrian wayfinding system to assist residents and visitors in navigating our trails and bike paths safely and efficiently, locating desirable landmarks and important facilities, as well as creating needed connections to regional systems. This program began design work in fall of 2019 and construction of Phase 1 (trail signage) started in Spring 2020. Phase 2 (kiosks) completion is expected in 2022.

Cotati StationCotati Station
Next to the SMART train station on Santero Way, a mixed-use development consisting of 98 apartment units, commercial space, a new public park, and additional parking for residents and commuters is being proposed. This project request will replace the previous approval of a 74-unit apartment project by proposing only minor changes to the exterior and architectural design, but internally reconfiguring the units to replace many of the approved 3-bedroom units with 1-bedrom units.  

Cotati Station Design Review Submittal Plans